Salclear Sinazo® is a sinus and nasal spray designed to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion and hayfever, particularly prevalent in active sports people.

The product is especially useful for those people requiring clear nasal passages in order to pursue their interests during intense exercise...scuba divers, swimmers and other aquatic sports; as well as in athletic sports such as marathon and fell running.

Salclear Sinazo® hayfever spray and nasal decongestant is an advanced and effective natural preparation that:

- Cleans the nasal passages

- allows you to breathe more easily through your nose

- cleans and rinses the nasal cavity


...enabling clear and easier breathing......




Proud sponsors of the Isle of Man Marathon and Half marathon,

Sinazo® Hayfever and nasal decongestant
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Salclear Sinazo® - hayfever and decongestant spray for sports and watersports activities